We Provide Both Online & OFFLINE Tutoring


Groupwise Tuitions in our centre for all classes.
These sessions are based on LearnMax's Core Principle
"What I do is what I Remember" - Confucius. Click Here to Download Brochure


Made Easy Maths for Everyone using Indian Treasures of Vedic Calculations and personally derived knowledge from our Founder.
Program available only during Summer/Winter Holidays.
Suitable for students from 3rd to 8th grade and for students preparing for Competitive Exams

03D.O.S.E -M

Daily One Shot Edutainment-Math
within the school syllabus to Top Notch.
Designed to benefit Students who are in need of One - One Teaching Daily and who can connect Digitally.
Ideal for Students in Remote Location
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Intensive Board Exam Testing
Series of Preparatory Tests & consequent assessments will be done.
Error Free Question Papers (in accordance to the BLUE PRINT) will be provided to the student with answer sheets.
Students can take the tests at home or in our designated centres.

05Program of the YEAR

Summer&Weekend Interative Math Program
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Click Here to Download Brochure for Grade 10

06Academic Panic

Fun Added Math Education
Our Solution to Bridge the Learning Gap due to COVID-19
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